Vivienne Westwood

“I was the first person to have a punk rock hairstyle”- VW

Vivienne Westwood is an English fashion designer, born in 1941 whom many credit with bringing punk to the forefront in the 70s, and dressing The Sex Pistols. After gaining popularity, she opened shops all over London, and the UK, later expanding internationally and remains a very influential designer today.

westwood6_2Young Vivienne Westwood

Her personal fashion is bold, sporting bright orange hair, and still embodies the punk rebellious attitude she helped create long ago, only slightly more refined.

Fortune Forum Summit - London




Unashamed of her body and sexuality, she even posed nude at the age of 68. Also, when she was ‘damed’ by the Queen of England, while wearing a skirt near a bunch of photographers, she spun around to accidentally reveal she was not wearing anything underneath. She mostly laughed it off, saying she heard the photos amused the Queen.



Vivienne is an inspiration at her older age, maintaining her amazing fashion sense, and staying true to her values. She is proof that age doesn’t have to mean looking sad and frumpy over the age of 50.

“Everybody looks like clones and the only people you notice are my age. I don’t notice anybody unless they look great, and every now and again they do, and they are usually 70.”-VW