Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel is 91 years old, she studied at Art History at NYU and Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin. She is considered a fashion icon even at her old age. She started her career, inspired by interior design, by selling and weaving 17th,18th, and 19th c. fabric patterns with her husband and business partner. This job brought her all over Europe finding mills to produce their fabrics with, and they did a lot of work for the White House. She was drawn to the colors and styles of the Middle East and North Africa because they had a large “architectural influence” which she said relates to clothing as well. She believes that fashion is a form of personal expression and wouldn’t want to look like someone else. 

she has a really amazing apartment which can be viewed here






you can watch a short documentary of her here



2 thoughts on “Iris Apfel

  1. I love this and the idea for your blog! Iris Apfel is so quirky. I hope that I can be as awesome as her when I’m 91 years old.

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